What is the process to renew Jira certification?

What is the process to renew Jira certification?


The project management tool Jira, created by Atlassian, has been extremely popular in recent years due to its efficiency and usability. Jira certification is a great approach to show that you are an expert with the program and to improve your job prospects. If you already have your Jira certification, you might be asking how to keep it current. We will walk you through the Jira certification renewal procedure.

  • Verify your level of certification: Verify your certification status prior to beginning the renewal process. Check the expiration date of your current certification by logging into your Atlassian Certification account. After completing the exam, Jira certificates are valid for two years.
  • Review the prerequisites for renewal: Depending on the type of certification, different Jira certifications have different renewal requirements. The prerequisites for renewal are listed on the webpage for Atlassian Certification. Earning continuing education units (CEUs) and passing an online test are the usual prerequisites.
  • Obtain CEUs: Jira certification renewal requires CEUs. Attending webinars, training sessions, and events hosted by Atlassian earns you CEUs. Attending the Atlassian Summit, AUG gatherings, and other training sessions offered by Atlassian will earn you CEUs. Attending webinars hosted by Atlassian or its partners will also earn you CEUs.
  • Attempt the online test: You need to pass an online test in order to keep your Jira certification active. The exam is comparable to the initial certification exam, and passing requires a score of at least 65%. Your knowledge and comprehension of the most recent Jira updates and features will be put to the test in this exam.
  • Set up the exam: You can schedule the online exam once you have obtained sufficient CEUs. On the website for Atlassian Certification, you can set the exam up. You can take the test from any location with a reliable internet connection, and you have two hours to finish it.
  • Get ready for the test: The Jira certification renewal exam preparation process is similar to that for the original certification exam. You can utilise the official Atlassian study materials, which include the Jira documentation and training programmes. To gain a sense of the exam format and question patterns, you can also take practice exams.
  • Attempt the test: Make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a quiet space to take the exam on the exam day. The exam is proctored, so you will be watched to make sure you aren’t cheating. After finishing the test, you will receive your score right away, letting you know if you passed or failed.
  • Get your certification renewed: In the event that you pass the exam, your certification will be extended by another two years. On the Atlassian Certification website, you may download your new certificate. If you don’t pass the test the first time, you have 14 days to retake it.

Finally, updating your Jira certification duration is a simple procedure. You must complete the required number of CEUs, pass an online test, and demonstrate proper preparation. Renewal of your certification improves your employment opportunities as a Jira-certified professional and shows your dedication to staying current with the most recent Jira upgrades and features.

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