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Lulu Mall Lucknow

A retail center called LuLu Mall Lucknow is situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. With a total built-up area of 19 lakh square feet, it is one of the largest malls in India, spanning 45.9 acres (18.6 ha). It will have 6000 square meters and almost 300 domestic and foreign brands. Situated in Sushant Golf City, the mall occupies 1,85,800 square meters of development overall. Sushant Golf City is a mixed-use development that includes opulent homes, clubs, hospitals, educational facilities, and an amazing 18-hole golf course across 6.8 lakh square meters. On July 11, 2022, Uttar Pradesh’s then-chief minister, Shri Yogi Adityanath, officially launched the mall.

Its modern art theme, created by UK-based architects, set a standard for the design and architectural sector. The mall was unlike any other because of its clever space planning, cutting-edge design, and distinctive fusion of local history and modern architecture. Its extraverted architectural projection blended in with the roadway and popularized the idea of a classic architecture-inspired “High Street” with “Piazzas.” The pointed arch shape of the skylight reduced energy consumption and offered protection while letting natural light into the interior.

It is one of the most popular destinations in Uttar Pradesh, drawing more than 80,000 visitors per day on average. On its opening day earlier this week, the recently opened LuLu Mall welcomed up to 1 lakh visitors. The flagship Lulu Hypermarket and indoor family entertainment center Funtura, both owned by the LuLu Group, have grown to be popular tourist destinations. This project was expected to cost more than ₹2,000 crore. LuLu Group International, situated in Abu Dhabi, is the property’s owner and manager. The stores and eateries in LuLu Mall are franchised by Tablez, the retail operations company owned by the Lulu Group. The Lulu Group’s India head office building.

Lulu Mall Lucknow of Location And Area

LuLu Mall Lucknow is well situated on NH 27, the Lucknow-Sultanpur National Highway, a 4-lane, 126-kilometer stretch of road on Amar Shaheed Path that has a service road specifically designated for the mall. The airport and city center may be about 20 minutes from the mall. Situated in Sushant Golf City, the mall occupies 1,85,800 square meters of development overall. Sushant Golf City is a mixed-use development that includes opulent homes, clubs, hospitals, educational facilities, and an amazing 18-hole golf course across 6.8 lakh square meters.

In addition to more than 300 domestic and international companies, the mall will have a 6000 square meter family entertainment center and a 1600-seat food court with various dining alternatives. The mall’s parking area consists of a multi-level parking garage with direct access to all levels of the mall and an extremely advanced traffic control system. The residents of Lucknow and the surrounding cities will visit Lulu Mall Lucknow as a destination mall.

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Lulu Mall Lucknow

Services Of LuLu Mall Lucknow

  • ATM
  • Baby Pram
  • Car Wash
  • Differently – abled washrooms
  • Baby Care Room
  • Parking for Expectant Mothers
  • Information Desk
  • Escalators
  • Baggage Counter
  • Customer Lifts
  • Drinking Water
  • Helmet Park
  • Parking for Differently-abled

Shop Directory of Lulu Mall Lucknow

  • Anchor Store
  • Books & Gifts
  • Denims & Casuals
  • Eye Wear
  • Food Court
  • Jewellery
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Salon & Spa
  • Travel & Luggage
  • Watches
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Café & Restaurants
  • Department Stores
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Footwear | Bags | Belts & Accessories
  • Lingerie | Inner Wear & Sleepwear
  • Mobile & Electronics
  • Sports Wear & Performance Wear
  • Unisex Fashion
  • Women’s Fashion

Other facilities OF Lulu Mall Lucknow

  • Experience PVR Cinemas​
  • Non-stop thrills. Full of fun

The largest selection of food brands in one location

Lucknow’s biggest shopping destination, Lulu Mall, is enormous and offers a wide range of international brands for fashion and lifestyle as well as food and tech products. There are many options, so you could easily spend the whole day here. It can be very exhausting, so the food court is a great spot to relax and have a bite to eat while you prepare for more shopping.

There are fifteen gourmet dining establishments and cafes in the mall overall, all of which cater to every guest’s various tastes. Twenty-five international brands, including Taco Bell, WOWChicken, Naga’s, Tunday Kebabi, Asia Seven, House of Candy, and many more, are housed in the food court.

There will always be a spot for you to sit down because you’ll want to be comfortable while dining, which is why you’ll be happy to hear that the food court can accommodate 1600 people for seating. Regardless of the number of people accompanying you, there is bound to be a spot to relax in this expansive food court.

The food court itself has been carefully planned, with some specialty options tucked away inside and the standard favorites upfront.

In addition, mobile charging outlets have been included in the food court so that you may charge your smart gadgets while grabbing a bite to eat.


Q. Who is the owner of LuLu Mall Lucknow?

Ans. Born on November 15, 1955, Yusuff Ali Musaliam Veettil Abdul Kader, also referred to as M. A. Yusuff Ali, is an Indian billionaire and businessman. He is the managing director and chairman of LuLu Group International, which also controls LuLu International Shopping Mall and the global chain of LuLu hypermarkets.

Q. What is the total cost of LuLu Mall Lucknow?

Ans. With a construction cost of Rs 2,000 crore, the Lucknow Lulu Mall is expected to create more than 15,000 direct and indirect employment possibilities.

Q. LuLu Mall Lucknow of Location?

Ans. Lulu India Shopping Mall Pvt. Ltd
Sushant Golf City
Shaheed Path Lucknow – 226030. U.P

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