What is Instagram’s new Threads app

What is Instagram’s new Threads app

Introduction Threads App?

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter last year, the social media platform’s environment has undergone a significant adjustment. In an effort to unseat the mammoth, numerous new competitors have developed. 

However, none of them have truly taken off despite the excitement around some of them, like Bluesky. Unlike Instagram, Threads is unique.

Instagram Threads has quickly surpassed 5 million users, and it did it in a record amount of time. It outperformed ChatGPT, which in 5 days managed to attract 1 million users. So what is the platform’s secret recipe? Let’s look at it.

What is Instagram Threads?

Threads is an app that is related to Instagram. It is different because it is more about talking to people instead of just looking at pictures. 

You can use your Instagram account to log in and share messages with others. It looks a lot like the comments section on Instagram, but it also has some features from Twitter, like being able to reply to posts and share them with others. 

You can write longer posts on Threads than on Twitter, and you can also include links, pictures, and videos. Unlike Twitter, you can’t change what you write once it’s posted. Threads doesn’t use hashtags like Twitter does, and it doesn’t have a section for things that are popular right now.

What is Threads’ history?

Some Instagram users might be familiar with Meta’s new app Threads. That’s because the same company previously released an Instagram companion app in 2019 under the moniker Threads. Users could exchange status updates and talk with their “Close friends” using this “camera-first” messaging software. Nevertheless, it was dropped in December 2021. Recently, Threads made a comeback as a brand-new app that competes with Twitter.

How do I sign up for Instagram Threads?

The main driver of Instagram Threads’ initial popularity was the sign-up process. Instead of starting from scratch like other Twitter rivals, Threads draws on Instagram’s 2.35 billion active users. You may quickly register using your Instagram account and save the headache of providing personal information. Even the bio can be transferred automatically.

What is Instagram’s new Threads app

The application procedure is simple. You may now easily access Threads in India on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store by downloading the app, launching it, and selecting “Log in with To use Instagram on another app or website, you can choose to bring your Instagram photos or videos by clicking on the “Import from Instagram” button.

How to use Instagram Threads?

Over one hundred countries right now provide the platform on iOS and Android devices. The app is temporarily unavailable in the EU owing to privacy concerns. 

You may follow everyone you follow because you are logging in using your Instagram account. Additionally, your username, name, and settings like a block list will be imported.

What is Instagram’s new Threads app

If you know how to use Twitter, then using Threads will be easy for you. If you bring your friends from Instagram, you will see their posts on your feed. You can like and comment on their posts or make your own by tapping on the pencil icon. Some popular Instagram accounts, like The Indian Express, are already on Threads, so you can search for them and follow them if you want.

How do you delete your Threads account?

You can turn off your Threads account, but if you want to completely get rid of it, you can delete it., you must delete your Instagram account, according to Meta’s “Supplemental Privacy Policy.”

How many people are using the Threads app?

Threads has gotten more than 10 million people to sign up very quickly after it started.


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