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What is Guest Post

Guest Post 

To increase the Blog’s Referral Traffic, create High-Quality Backlinks, increase the Blog’s Authority, and make good relations with other Bloggers, publishing the posts prepared by you on another person’s (Bloggers) Blog is Guest Post or It is called Guest Blogging.

Whenever it comes to making Quality Backlink in Off Page SEO, Guest Post comes first in mind and why not because by doing Guest Post, we get a very high-quality Do-Follow-Backlink. We can increase our website’s rating and drive visitors to it with the aid of this.

Matt Cutts told in 2014 in The decay and fall of guest blogging, how taking Paid Guest Post affects the ranking of your blog.

How can guest post

  • First of all, prepare the Guest Post by researching well on the topic on which you want to post a guest.
  • Search Blogs related to Guest posts and choose the blog for Guest posts by checking DA, PA, and TRAFFIC.
  • After reading the term and conditions of the guest post of the selected blog, prepare the post accordingly.
  • Send the guest post to the site owner in accordance with the blog’s policies.
  • Now the owner of the blog will publish your post by changing it accordingly and you will start getting the benefits of a Guest Post.

What are the benefits of guest blogging

Guest blogging has 4 main benefits

Free Do Follow Backlink

  • Many of your guest posts have Do Follow Backlinks that are permanent and will boost the SERP of your domain or blog.
  • You will be able to rank blog entries on the first page of Google with the support of backlinks, which are crucial for ranking your website in search engines.

Lifetime Traffic

  • Every guest post posted by you gives traffic to your blog for your whole life, which can make lakhs of rupees for you.
  • For Guest Posting benefits Instant Traffic on your blog 

Build Relation

  • By doing a guest post, you can make good relations with other bloggers, due to which you get many benefits.


  • External Links Exchange
  • Free Support


  • All the Readers of Blogs will get to know you and you will be famous.
  • People will use your knowledge due to which your learning will be respected.
  • The most significant advantage of guest posting is that you do not have a blog or website, yet you can share your knowledge with people online, which is absolutely free service.

How to write a guest post

If you want to write a guest post, then you have to read some of the below points carefully:

  • Guest Post Article must have at least 1000 – 1500  words.
  • It is also necessary to have one or two photos related to the post.
  • There should not be copyrighted content in the post.
  • Using Photos and Videos should also be 100% copyright free.
  • The post follows all the rules of Google AdSense.
  • Along with the blog post in the email, there should also be the Author’s name, Email address, Blog URL, etc.
  • There should not be any wrong information in the post.
  • Must read the information on how to write SEO Friendly Blog posts and prepare guest posts accordingly.

Write for us Write articles – Submit A Guest Post For marketingkaadda

  • Maketingkaadda is an English blog, so your Guest Post should be in English.
  • You should write SEO Friendly Blog Post.
  • It would be better if you use Images and Video in the blog post.
  • Guest Post should be correct informative and useful which is of use to the user.
  • Only then we will accept your guest post and Inert Link etc.
  • Guest Post should not be Copied,unique and fresh Content.
  • It is good only if the Spam Score of your blog is at most 2.
  • Otherwise, your Guest Post will not be accepted.

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