Tech-Friendly Elements Creta Class Use for Kids’ Math Classes

Tech-Friendly Elements Creta Class Use for Kids’ Math Classes

Kids’ Math Classes

Creta Class proved to be the innovative, tech-driven solution to teach kids about key math concepts with easy modules. Our Creta Class team emphasizes researching the best elements included in Math activities for kids to help make them more engaging. Storytelling is an effective mode of communication, and kid’s story used as the best practice for teachers to bring a more positive approach to math lessons. 

Creta Class believes that some kids find it too difficult, boredom, math anxiety, and lack of interest in mathematical subjects. So, combining technology to create attractive visual presentations can improve the quality of teaching. Let’s share some insight regarding the best elements to make math class tech-friendly for kids.

Math Games 

Math games add a fun element to learning, and they can build an interesting way to connect with kids for learning. With the integration of technology, the Creta Class app develops fun games and AI-based quizzes. It can handle kids’ anxiety & fear of math, as it seems like a game instead of boring lectures. Some important topics are sums, subtraction, multiplication, and division; they can be explained well with Math games.

Virtual Presentation 

The most integral part of tech-based learning is its content forms. Creta Class builds an app with engaging AI content that includes a visual presentation in the form of text, videos, and audio. You must remember our childhood times when you pick books with attractive pictures rather than plain text. Now, kids find technology more eye-catching to go ahead with their academic lessons. Our Creta Class makes the best combination of visual presentation in animated videos to deliver quality content. 

Use Math Talk Features

Creta Class brings another feature of Math talk to improve conversational skills. It provides a platform for kids to build confidence under kids they can raise their doubts without any hesitation. Kids love to interact during classes; the Math Talk feature enables them to not miss out on conversations during virtual lessons. Also, it assists mentors in making their kids comfortable with more engagement and asking interesting math questions. Creta Class uses the feature as an effective tool to break the ice between mentors and kids. 

Real-Time Feedback Reports

Parents want to keep updated about their kid’s progress regularly. Creta Class understands the parent’s requirements. Using AI tech, Creta Class presents real-time feedback reports to the parents using mail. It helps to analyze kids’ strengths and weaknesses concerning different Math topics. Also, if mentors find any personalized suggestions for kids to share with parents, mentors can share the feedback directly via mail. 

Recorded Classes

Creta Class understands the time constraints for parents and kids. So, they introduce 15-minute pre-recorded short & crisp lessons for kids on different math topics. It can be easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Also, lessons have unlimited watch time, so if the kids miss out on any relevant points, they can rewatch the lessons to get the context again. 


Creta Class featuring kid’s story math questions under the lessons to increase engagement. It comes under interesting Math activities for kids to create valuable lessons. Some case-based math questions can trick kids. App learning can transform stories through visual presentations and help kids to understand advanced topics. 

Benefits of Kids Becoming Tech-Friendly 

  • As classroom learning modes are transforming with tech integration, kids can focus on comprehension skills by learning the process of utilizing electronic devices for educational purposes. 
  • Some studies show the positive impact of technology on kids. They become more efficient and increase their concentration with the use of automation. 
  • Technology creates a different impact on visualization capabilities. Kids can learn the art of visualizing things in a better way by consuming AI-based content. Children’s brains are full of creative thinking, and technology improves their skills.
  • Kids can also develop the habit of decision-making and problem-solving measures. Virtual Math games can be used as the brain exercise for kids to scale their questioning & thinking skills. 
  • A few experts believe that technology exposure can provide kids with a strong foundation if they are going to choose a tech career in the future. 

Effectiveness of Tech-Based Learning for Kids

Education plays a primary role in establishing a great career ahead for kids. However, we can’t avoid the fact that the mode of providing education can enhance the effects of learning. Tech-based learning used by Creta Class for kid’s stories turns out to be an effective solution. It helps to make kids aware of technology and prepares them for upcoming future trends with online education. Nowadays, kids become smarter by adapting to new technologies faster. 

Parents see a lot of potential in making their kids tech-friendly. So, they emphasize using app-based learning, and Creta Class has become their top choice for effective math classes. Creta Class brings out an expert team who can develop inbuilt Math activities for kids using a convenient app. Our Creta Class app wins the trust of many families by providing quality education. Creta Class was named the ‘Best Learning App for Kids of the Year’ during the event of the International Education Awards 2022. Their application has more than one lakh downloads in the Play Store. 

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