Rajasthan internet: Internet is not working in 11 districts of Rajasthan

11 cities in Rajasthan internet have halted mobile internet access

Following the suspension of mobile internet access in 11 districts of Rajasthan internet to stop cheating in a competitive exam for government school recruitment

The order’s exceptions include “voice calls of all landline, mobile phones, all leased line and broadband and, to the extent practicable, for hospitals, banks, and industries.”

According to the directive, “rumors or fake news about accidents and paper leaks may cause a Law and Order situation during the examination.”

Rajasthan internet

All landlines, fixed-line internet, and mobile networks were stopped by the Indian government in Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019. After the government divided the state into two distinct federally managed zones and removed its constitutional autonomy, the authorities attempted to stop Kashmiris from planning protests.

Up until February 2021, mobile 4G internet connection was essentially unavailable for more than 500 days, however, certain services were progressively brought back online. Because 96% of people utilize mobile internet, the shutdown affected all facets of everyday life. As one Srinagar-based journalist, who wished to remain anonymous, reported to Internet Freedom Foundation and Human Rights Watch:

Although the duration of the Jammu and Kashmir internet shutdown in 2019–2021 was exceptional, Indian authorities now routinely block access to the internet as a means of policing the region. This includes ending demonstrations and government criticism, as well as preventing exam cheating. India has shut down the internet more frequently than any other nation in the world since 2018. An estimate states that, out of 187 shutdowns worldwide in 2022, India was the country responsible for the most number of shutdowns for the fifth year in a row. The whole state of Punjab was under a three-day mobile internet blackout in March 2023 to find a separatist leader, even though this report only covers shutdowns up to December 2022.

Internet services in the Rajasthan district are to be suspended for 2 days

As per the Divisional Commissioner’s order, Rajasthan internet connections in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan will be unavailable on Saturday and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. due to the Patwari Recruitment Exam planned to take place in the area today and tomorrow.

Internet is not working in 11 districts of Rajasthan, due to this the government took steps

Rajasthan Internet: According to the government order, Rajasthan Internet services will remain closed on the 26th at Jaipur, Ajmer, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur divisional district headquarters and Alwar, Bhilwara, Sriganganagar, Tonk district headquarters.

Rajasthan Internet: Net shutdown due to paper leak incident

After incidents of paper leaks in the competitive examinations being held in the state, the government has decided on a Rajasthan internet ban. A paper leak gang has also been exposed in REET Mains 2023. Police have detained 34 people in a marriage garden located on Banar Road, Jodhpur. These include 19 male candidates and 10 female candidates. It has been revealed that the paper leak gang here was solving the paper before the commencement of the examination.

The police detained some members of the gang who were solving the papers and teaching the answer keys to the candidates. Laptops, printers, and some mobile phones have been recovered from the possession of the gang members. 

A PDF of a question paper has been found on the laptop. Candidates have received white papers with answers written on them. The police have confiscated the question paper found with them, which is being matched with the main paper. The suspects are being interrogated. Apart from Jodhpur, information about dummy candidates being caught in Jaipur and Bharatpur has been received.

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