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Google AdSense

If you want to earn money online, then you must have heard the name of Google AdSense, it is a means through which you can earn lakhs of rupees a month. Many bloggers and Youtubers of India earn money only through Google Adsense. All About Learn How to earn money from google Adsense

Do you know what exactly Google AdSense is, how Google Adsense works, how to create an adsense account and how to earn money from Google Adsense. If you do not know all this about Google Adsense, then it is very important to know all this before earning money from Google Adsense.

Bloggers are likely already familiar with Google AdSense.Nowadays there are many Job Opportunities available online in which 90% are Fake.

If you have a Blog / Website or YouTube Channel, then you can legally earn money online through Google AdSense. Because now AdSense also supports Hindi Blog/Website. In this post, we will learn about AdSense very well.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an Ads Network through which Owners of Blogs/Websites can earn well. It provides different types of ads for Blogs/Websites.

Which displays Ads especially by looking at the interest of visitors coming to our Blog/Website. Ads are also displayed by Adsense, they are paid by the advertiser.

And AdSense gives us money on clicking on Ads accordingly. AdSense Ads give a new look to our Blog/Website.

How does Google AdSense work?

When advertisers do their advertisement in Google Adwords. So Google Adsense gets Ads Display done according to the Topic of our Blog/Website.

That’s why Adsense pays us more money when Adwords gets more money on the Advertisement that Adwords gets clicked on. Keeping in mind the interests of the visitors, it displays only the ads of their interests. So that more and more clicks can come on those ads.

How to earn money from google adsense

How to earn money from Google AdSense, you must have a blog / website or YouTube channel, without these you cannot earn money from AdSense. The following is how you can make money with AdSense if you have a blog or YouTube channel.

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Earn money from Google Adsense by Website

  • To earn money from Google AdSense through blogging, you have to create a blog, and keep publishing posts on the blog regularly. After your blog contains 25–30 posts, you can submit it for Google AdSense approval.

  • You can install Google Adsense ads on your blog if it is approved.. When a user clicks on the ad, then Google gives you money. Many bloggers of India earn lakhs of rupees a month by showing ads of Google Adsense in their blogs.

Earn money from google AdSense through Youtube channel

  • Apart from blogging, you can create your own YouTube channel to earn money from Google AdSense should monetize your channel with Google Adsense and start making money when you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.
  • You must design your material in accordance with Google’s rules, whether you’re creating it for a blog or YouTube, in order to rapidly receive AdSense approval.

How many types of Ads does Google AdSense provide?

Google AdSense provides Text, Link and Banner Ads according to our needs. Which we can put in our Blog/Website by creating Ads Units of different sizes.

How can we install Google AdSense on our Blog/Website?

To apply for Adsense ads, first of all we have to apply by going to the Adsense site. Then the Adsense team checks our blog/website.

And after the Approval of Adsense, we can get Adsense Ads displayed on our Blog/Website. But there are many Terms & Conditions for applying Adsense.

On which you can apply for Adsense only after meeting it. Click to read the Terms & Conditions of Adsense.

Hope you have got information about Adsense. In the upcoming post, we will know more about Google Adsense. If you liked this post, then definitely share it, you can comment to ask your question.

You Learned: What is Google Adsense

After reading this article, you must have got a good understanding about Google AdSense,how to get adsense approval for new website,how google adsense works,and how to apply for google adsense. Create your own blog or YouTube channel if, like hundreds of other people, you wish to use Google Adsense to make money so that you can work from home and make money online.

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How much google AdSense pay?

Google AdSense pays for lakhs of rupees in one month, there is no limit to it. It completely depends on your work

How much does google AdSense pay per 1000 views?
Google AdSense pay per 1000 views Around 1$ to 5$ ( Depend on your category and Viewer Location)

How much money can I withdraw from Google AdSense?
You can withdraw a minimum of 100$ through google AdSense. When 100 $ is completed in your account, you can request for Withdrawal. Between 21st to 25th of every month Google AdSense payment automatically comes in your bank account.

Google AdSense payment date?
Google AdSense payment is released between the 21st to 26th of the month.

How much AdSense pays for 1000 views on a blog?
How much money you will get on 1000 views depends on many things. Such as: Niche, Language, Location, Number of Ads, Ads Placement and Ad Blocker. Keeping all these things in mind, you can earn $0.25 for every 1000 views

How Many Days Google AdSense Approval?
If your blog is perfect then you can get Google AdSense approval very soon. There is a very preliminary formula that you can get AdSense approval even in two to three days.

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