Dolphin Water Park Agra: Entry Fee, Water Features, Opening Hours

Dolphin Water Park Agra 

Established in 2002, Dolphin Water Park occupies 14 acres of land devoted to pleasure, food, and excitement. Its rides include roller coasters, water slides, and standard rides. Situated on the outskirts of Agra City on National Highway – 2 (Agra Mathura Road) at Runkata, The Water Park is the largest in North India. Since then, both city people and visitors have found great enjoyment and amusement at the water park.

Dolphin Water Park

It features an amusement park that upholds all necessary facilities, such as lockers, first aid kits, and safety and security regulations, to provide visitors with an enjoyable experience. The water-themed amusement park has a variety of attractions and entertaining games for kids and adults alike. They even have separate swimming areas for different heights. The cost of parking is reasonable. It is a great summertime daybreak for families, friends, and parties. possess an enormous variety of wave pools and water slides. The park personnel was kind and accommodating. Overall a pleasant spot to have fun.

At Dolphin Water Park in Agra, where adventure and fun collide to create lifelong memories, plan your splash-tasting experience. This water park, which is tucked away near Runkuta on the busy NH-2, Mathura Road, is a happy haven for guests of all ages. Dolphin Water Park is the perfect place to go if you want to escape the heat, find heart-pounding rides, or just have a fun day with your family.

Highlights of Dolphin Water Park in Agra

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of indulging in a variety of water rides that will fill your spirit with happiness.
  • Start the good times with an amazing rain dance to the beats of music.
  • In this thrilling park, spend the ideal weekend break with your loved ones.
  • Increase your heart rate as you embrace the exhilarating experiences of over seven water coasters.

Features At Dolphin Water Park Agra

Amazing Water Slides & Rides

Dolphin Water Park has a wide variety of attractions that are perfect for all ages and thrill levels, from heart-pounding water slides to a tranquil lazy river. Our iconic rides, such as the tall roller coasters, and the thrilling water coasters, are guaranteed to create a stir!

Kids-Friendly Fun

The park has a special section for kids, with smaller slides and interactive play areas, so the tiny ones may enjoy themselves just as much as the bigger ones.

Dolphin Water Park

Savour the Flavors at Our Food Plaza

Our food plaza offers a range of dining alternatives to help you refuel. Our variety of Indian and Chinese cuisine will sate your hunger and give you energy for round two of park adventures, whether you’re craving little bites or a substantial meal.

Dolphin Water Park

Best Times To Visit And Opening Hours:

Make the most of your visit by making travel arrangements and verifying our operating hours. For an even more enjoyable experience, visit at our suggested hours to avoid the crowds.

The Duration of Stay

Give yourself at least two hours to enjoy Dolphin Water Park to the fullest. The park offers endless entertainment that is just waiting to be discovered, whether you’re there for the thrills, to unwind, or to spend quality time with your family.

Schedule your visit for any day of the week between 11:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to fully enjoy your day with nonstop happiness and amusement.

Opening Timing 11:00 AM
Closing Time 06:30 PM
Dolphin Water Park All Days Open


Ticket Price to Dolphin Water Park: 

Details of 2024 Tickets Keep track of the most recent Dolphin Water Park ticket rates. We provide a variety of ticket options to meet your needs, whether you’re planning a group trip, a family outing, or a single visit.

Dolphin Water Park

Take advantage of the thrill without jeopardizing your funds. The park offers a reasonably priced retreat into a world of aquatic delights, with entry costs carefully priced at ₹650 for adults and a reduced rate of ₹350 for children under 4 feet.

Entry Fee (Adults) INR 650
Entry Below (Children Below 4 feet) INR 350

What to do to go to Dolphin Water Park:

Only 18km from the heart of Agra, the park offers visitors and residents alike a convenient getaway. Dolphin Water Park is reachable by several transportation options, regardless of your origin—the Agra Idgah bus stand, the Agra Cantt railway station, or even the Agra airport.

Transportation Modes

Using the Bus: Board a bus headed for Mathura or Vrindavan and get off at the Runkuta bus station. From there, take a quick auto-rickshaw ride.

By Auto/E-Rickshaw: These provide straight access to the park and are readily available across Agra.

By Cab/Taxi: For a hassle-free trip, choose a pleasant transport or think about renting for the entire day.

Nearest Airport Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Airport Agra
Nearest Metro Station NA
Nearest Railway Station Agra Cantt, Agra Fort
Nearest Bus Stand Midhakur Bus Station / Nagla Basua Bus Stop


Dolphin Water Park Location:

NH-2, Mathura Rd, Lohamandi, Runkata, Uttar Pradesh 282007

Map :-,77.867813,15z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x397386444f35528b:0xd88dd345297bb376!8m2!3d27.2383903!4d77.8678133!16s%2Fg%2F1ths7rv3?hl=en&entry=ttu

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