A 3 point slinger is a specific type of camera strap that crosses one shoulder, rests across the torso, and hooks onto the camera, usually at the base of the tripod., typically at the base where the tripod plate would typically go.

With the help of a 3-point camera sling, you may carry your camera without using your hands, allowing you to do things like ride a bike or operate machinery while doing so.

Francis Cade, one of the most popular YouTube personalities, often rides his bike with a camera slinger that he carries on his back. The cushioned shoulder strap also makes it a comfortable method to carry heavy cameras.

The 3-point slinger may be swung around to the front of your body and the camera can be raised to your face when there is something worth recording on camera or filming.

By inserting a 3/4″ screw into the hole typically used for a tripod base plate, a 3-point slinger is typically fastened to the bottom of the camera.

How to find a 3-Point Slinger for Camera

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing this item:

1. The type of camera; 

2. Comfort and security in use; 

3. Its adaptability and design.

Camera : 

Of course, the most important thing is your device for photography. Is it a DSLR? A mirrorless camera? Or maybe a rapid camera? Whatever the case, you need to think about the specific features of your device. Depending on the size and weight of your instrument, you will require a slinger to secure your equipment. If you’re carrying multiple devices, opt for a universal option. Also, look for products that let you carry multiple devices at once.

Comfort and security:

You don’t need to choose one of those concepts anymore. 3-point slinger is perfect for carrying your camera comfortably thanks to its padded straps. The evenly distributed weight of your photo equipment also gives you an advantage over traditional straps or heavy bags. 

The freedom of movement means that you don’t have to hold your device in your hand all the time and you can still get the shot you’re looking for. The three-point safety strap system ensures that your camera is secured so that it can be removed as quickly as possible. 

In terms of safety, it’s one of the most trusted accessories for carrying your photo equipment. Much will depend on the quality of your material, so make sure to read the reviews before buying and choose the best product for your price and quality.


1. To get the most out of your three-point slinger, there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

2. First, make sure it’s the right height for you.

3. Second, think about how much it can hold. If you’re carrying extra lenses or an extra camera, make sure there aren’t any issues.

Thirdly, if you’re also carrying your photo equipment in a bag, make sure you’ll be comfortable carrying multiple items at once. You may need a shoulder pad to do this.


When you buy any product, the customer is always looking at its appearance. The 3-point sling is no exception to this rule. Apart from all its functionalities, the sling can also add a touch of elegance to your look. There are many colors and designs to choose from. 

You can go for basic neutral colors such as black and white, or you can go for something a little more unusual to show off your personality. You also have the option to choose the material that suits you best. Whether it’s nylon or leather, the possibilities are endless. You should not forget the function of the product as well, but the range of options is so wide that you can easily find something that suits you both aesthetically and functionally.

Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera Users in 2023

These are 3 point slinger for camera:

1. BlackRapid Camera Slings

2. Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap

3. Altura Photo Camera Strap

1. BlackRapid Camera Slings : 

Action sports photographers and anybody else who prefers 3-point slinger camera straps to a traditional shoulder strap can choose from a variety of Black rapid models.

BlackRapid Camera Slings
image source- buy.co.in

The main advantage is that the pad stays on your shoulder and the camera glides down the sling, up to your face. BlackRapid calls them “camera slings” and calls them one of the best camera straps out there.

There are three main camera models under Black Rapid’s 3- point slider for the camera:

1. BlackRapid Breathe Sport

2. BlackRapid Double Breathe

3. Altura Photo Camera Strap


1. Adjustable Strap with Bumpers

2. Integrated Underarm Stabilizer

3. Nylon Mono Mesh, TPE Foam, Polyester, and Air Mesh Curved Pad

4. Fasten the R Camera Base Plate Attachment

5. Connect R Swivel Locking Carabiner With Lock Star

6. Black Mesh Bag

2. Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap

If you’re looking for a camera strap that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Waka Rapid. It’s one of the best camera straps on the market, and it’s also great value for money.

BlackRapid Double Breathe
image source- amazon.co.uk

The durability of this model ensures complete security for your equipment. Unlike a camera bag, the device’s stability is provided by the underarm strap as well as the locking features that secure the device to your body. The 3 point camera strap evenly distributes the weight. 

The optional safety strap prevents your equipment from falling. It also has a pocket for storing additional batteries, memory cards, and other accessories.

If you need a camera strap but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it, the Waka Rapid has you covered. It comes with a storage pouch built into the pad, so you can keep your memory cards, a spare battery, or two.

You can also use the pad to quickly adjust the length of the camera strap, as it has a quick-quick pull clip that allows you to quickly and easily shorten and lengthen the strap. 

The pad also has anti-sloppy padding, just like the black Rapid straps.

3. Altura Photo Camera Strap 

There is also a hidden storage pouch under the shoulder strap of the Altura, with a zippered compartment where you can store your spare memory card, battery, and chewing gum. 

Altura Photo Camera Strap
image source- blackrapid.com

The main shoulder pad under the shoulder strap is padded with anti-sloppy padding, so the strap and camera will stay in place even when you are on the move.

The Altura’s 3-point sling is ideal for carrying your camera during activities like rock climbing and cycling, as well as for brisk walking. The Altura is an affordable option to get involved in these activities.

I own several camera straps that rotate depending on the camera and what I’m shooting. I’ve been using a Black Rapid Breathe 3-point sling for my camera for years now and I can’t say enough good things about it.

The main benefits of a 3-point sling include:

1. Quick action – slide it around your body to lift up the camera.

2. Stay out of the way – tighten the strap and you can have your camera on your back.

3. Free hands – the 3-point sling is great for sports where your hands need to be in use.

4. Bottom attachment – when you grab the camera, it naturally rotates up to your face.

5. Comfortable – great for heavier loads.

6. Great for cameras – with big telephoto lenses attached.

7. Safety – can be worn under a jacket to protect your camera and lens from knocks and snatch and run thefts.

How to Use a 3-Point Slinger for a Camera

3-point slingers are easy to attach and use with your camera. It doesn’t matter if you use a dual camera sling such as the one above from professional movie photographer John, or a one-shoulder sling, it’s the same process.

1. Place the strap on your head and place the pad on your shoulder that is not your dominant shoulder.

2. Insert the base attachment into the base of your camera.

3. Insert the buckle under the shoulder and tighten the strap to a tight but comfortable length.

4. Adjust the length of the main strap.

5. If there is another safety strap, connect it to your camera’s carabiner, or another loop on the camera.

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